Security Register

Security Crowd Control Register

High quality Crowd control register complying with the Private Security Act 2004 and Victorian Licencing and Regulations. The register is stapled with tape, which is the strongest way to bind them ensuring they stand up to the harsher conditions they can be exposed to. Flip up style ensures ease of use for both entering into register and completing the incident report. This also ensures long term durability of the register with a longer binding edge.


• Top Binding 1/4 – Stapled with tape

• Flip up style (ensures endurance)

• Numbered Pages (useful when book is used as evidence)

• Individual Register Number (No book will be the same)

• Inside Cover: Sections of Private security Act

• Large writing space for entries to ensure clear and readable entries

• First Page: Crimes Act Info, Intoxication guidelines

• First Page: Phonetic Alphabet and Military time conversion.

• Complies with the Private Security Act 2004

• Complies with Victorian Licencing

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