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Mitigating Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a concerning issue that every business and organisation must address to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and customers alike. According to statistics, workplace violence still accounts for 16% of all workplace fatalities, making it essential for security companies to take proactive measures in preventing and mitigating such incidents.

Understanding Workplace Violence:
Workplace violence encompasses various forms, including criminal intent, customer/client violence, worker-on-worker incidents, and personal relationship-related violence. Certain risk factors, such as gender and occupation, can increase the likelihood of workplace violence. For instance, women are more vulnerable to domestic violence in the workplace, and certain occupations, like taxi drivers, healthcare workers, and those involving interaction with the public or operating after dark, face a higher risk of violence.

Developing an Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Plan:
To mitigate workplace violence effectively, security companies must implement a comprehensive prevention plan. Below are seven essential steps that can significantly contribute to reducing workplace violence incidents:

1 – Analyse Your Workplace: Conduct a thorough analysis of the workplace to identify potential risk factors and vulnerabilities. Assess past incidents, existing policies, and safety measures to determine areas for improvement.

2 – Create a Supportive Environment: Develop a relationship with employees and make them feel supported and valued. Encourage open communication and empathy to foster an environment where employees are comfortable reporting potential issues without fear of retribution.

3 – Offer Communication and Empathy Training: Provide training that emphasizes effective communication and empathy among employees. These skills can help de-escalate conflicts and prevent situations from escalating into violence.

4 – Establish a Clear Workplace Violence Policy: Develop a comprehensive workplace violence policy that outlines zero tolerance for violence and provides clear guidelines on reporting incidents and seeking assistance.

5 – Commit to a Non-violent Workplace: Promote a culture of non-violence within the organization. Lead by example and ensure that all employees, including management, understand and adhere to the workplace violence policy.

6 – Train Employees to Recognise Warning Signs: Provide training to help employees recognize early warning signs of potential violence, such as changes in behavior, verbal threats, or concerning patterns.

7 -Create an Action Plan: Develop a detailed action plan that outlines steps to be taken in the event of a violent incident. Share this plan with all employees and conduct regular drills to ensure preparedness.

Mitigating workplace violence is a collective responsibility that requires the dedication and effort of employers, employees, and security professionals. By implementing a well-structured workplace violence prevention plan and fostering a safe and supportive environment, security companies can play a significant role in reducing workplace violence incidents, promoting employee well-being, and creating a secure work environment for all.

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